Air Hose Fittings

Minotec Industrial Co started in the year 2003, excelling in designing and manufacturing various Air Tools with the aim of fulfilling the requirement of its customers. One of the Air Tool we take pride is the Air Hose Fittings. Working under MICO and IMT brand names, we are always upgrading by combining technology, managerial skills, innovation and years of experience. Our focus has been always on manufacturing a variety Air Hose Fittings in a state-of-the-art facility.

Air Hose Fittings

What Exactly Is Air Hose Fitting?

Air Hose or Pneumatic Fittings are basically used to connect the various sections of the tube, pipe and hose in the pneumatic or pressurised gas system. Though often compared with the Hydraulic fitting, Air Hose are characterised by their tighter seals and requirement of lower pressure. They are mostly used in instrumentation or systems of logic controls.

Air Hose Fittings Applications

  • Oil or Gas Explorations
  • Specialty or Chemical Service
  • Discharge and Suction
  • Food Service Industry
  • Service in Oil Field
  • Cleaning or Steam Service
  • Tubing, Cement or Plaster

Various Types of Air Hose Fitting

What types of Air Hose Fitting will find its application in a specific situation depends on for what and where they will be used:

  1. Pipes being rigid vessels constructed out of a solid material are often defined by the diameter of their inner dimension.
  2. Flexible vessels like Hoses are typically made by using many layers of various materials. Since Hose are replaced from time to time due to frequent wear and tear, their fittings are not always permanent.
  3. Rigid vessels like Tubes are constructed from a solid material and are defined by the dimension of their outside diameter.

Air Hose Fittings and Their Usage

  • Adapter is used to connect two different types of pipes together either through the process of solvent threading, soldering or welding.
  • A Coupling connect together two similar variety of pipes either by solvent welding, soldering or threading.
  • Union Fittings are used to disconnect coupling without cutting. Since the connection is generally made by coupling so releasing them is quite easy.
  • A Cap Fitting aims at covering the end sections of a pipe. They are generally attached around a pipe through weld, solvent, thread or solder.
  • Plug Fittings are attached inside a pipe to stop flowage at its end sections.
  • Elbow aims at changing the direction of fluid flowage to various angles.
  • Cross Fittings allow a four way connection. It consists of three outlets and one inlet.
  • Reducer is used to connect small sized pipes.
  • A Tee fitting is used to connect three flowing sections by a T-shaped intersection. This allows the fluid to split apart or combine.
  • Valve Fitting connects two vessels together by adding a Valve to control the flow.

Why Approach Us For Air Hose Fittings?

  1. We are an ISO Certified Company.
  2. We have set records of selling all our Air Hose Fittings with no flaw.
  3. Having years of experience, we have satisfied our users and believe in continuous improvement.

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