Airlegs is a mining and drifting air tool that is generally used in the field of mining, metallurgy, and coal industry and road construction. Minotec Industry Co is a leading producer of quality Airlegs. We are the manufacturer and the supper of Airleg all over the India.


What are Airlegs?

Air leg is a high tech drifter and cutter, that is used for mining, road construction, demolition and metallurgy.


  • It is a perfect drifting tool that saves energy and at the same time produces high efficiency.
  • The metal coated body of the device provides a strong energetic working capacity.
  • The inbuilt shock active vibration control system reduces 70% vibration and increases user comfort and its productivity.
  • The noise controller reduces its noise while drifting.
  • Two attached water hose make the rock wet and help for wet drilling.
  • The external water pipes help to clean the device.
  • The spare parts of the products are easily available for purchase in the market.

Application of Airlegs

The tool is widely used in the field of mining, road construction, building construction or repairing, metallurgy and demolition.

Types of Airlegs Products

  1. DT airleg: The DT series of Airleg was mainly designed by an Austrelian designer. It is a kind of wide ranged double telescopic airleg. It has been made of high quality industry standard alloy. It is specially designed for rock drilling.
  2. PN Airleg: PN 67 is one of the PN serried single telescopic Airlegs. There is no exposal of aluminium alloy in this type of Air leg. The product is specially designed for mining in hazardous atmospheres.
  3. DTC Airleg: This series of airlegs is specially fabricated for mining and constructing. This serried is available according to its size and type of drilling.

Why Choose Air Tools India for Airlegs?

  • We are the leading producer of airlegs all over the India.
  • Minotech Industry Co have achieved more than 50 years of reputation.
  • We are ISO certified and have gained more than 50 years of reputation in the field of air toll manufacturing.
  • All products are tested and marked to have zero faults.
  • We are trusted manufacturers and all our products come under the brand name MICO.

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