Facilities & Services

Checking Tools and Guages :

The only way to ensure the necessary accuracy is to start right. Our tool room is therefore kept busy making jigs and fixtures, taps, hobs, broaches and other special tools, and gauges for use in the machine shops and inspection rooms. Equipment is of the finest obtainable and includes measuring instruments of almost incredible accuracy.

Machine Shop:

In the machine shop the equipment is kept thoroughly up-to-date and some machines have been customized for production of certain components. Others have been adapted for particular requirements, and indigenously developed jigs and fixtures are extensively employed.

Our manufacturing today has :

  • All-geared center lathe machine in bed length of 2000mm capable of cutting Whitworth, Metric, Diametral and Module pitches.
  • horizontal and vertical boring machine capable of carrying out boring, drilling, milling and facing operations.
  • All-geared radial drill machine - spindle and arm provided with centralized locking arrangement.
  • Hydraulic hacksaw machine - very effective for cutting operations with simplified automation.
  • Hydraulic broaching machine - suitable for making slots, keyways and splines.
  • All-geared Ram Turret Milling Machine-ideally suitable for precision work in tool room and jig making.
  • Centerless grinding machine, universal cylindrical grinding machine with gearless hydraulic motor.

The initial operation of shearing and turning of blanks are carried out by lathes working in two shifts. The skill of the personnel is equal to the efficiency of the equipment. Trained men perform machining operations requiring the highest degree of workmanship.

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment of parts are carried out in furnaces of many types - each chosen as being the most suitable to obtain consistent results with the components for which it is used - and by methods devised by the firm's metallurgical staff.


Accuracy is of equal importance. If a Pneumatic Rock Drill is to be efficient as well as fast, working parts must be close fitting. Another reason for extreme accuracy is the necessity for perfect interchangeability. All components are made in large batches and after inspection, passed into stores from where they are drawn for assembling complete machines or for dispatch as spares. There must be no doubt as to whether a part will fit - the assembler at the Works or the rock drill fitter on a mine does not have to pick and choose or use a file to make a part go into its correct position. A MICO tool can be assembled in a few minutes from components taken at random from stores.