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Having more than 50 years of experience Minotec Industrial Co has portrayed itself as a leading designer, manufacturer and seller of pneumatic tools. Working under the brand name MICO we have been offering our customers a wide variety of mining equipments. Industrial & Mining Tools Co, our Group Company since the year 1968, and has become a trustworthy name because of its high performance, preferable designs and outstanding products.

Mining Equipments India

Our Mining Products:

Rock Drills

They are best suited for penetrating horizontal holes in rocks during mining or tunnel constructions. It is not only strong but easy to handle and is most convenient for mining purpose. It suddenly does not stop working as its inbuilt lubricant helps in keeping the drift swift.

Uses Of Rock Drills

  • It is the most essential product for mining.
  • It has its application while cutting mountains or constructing roads.
  • They make cutting mountains easy.

Types Of Rock Drills

  1. The Medium Weight Rock Drills can drill a hole of 6 meters. Though being light weight, it has high power and best suited for confined places. Its reliable design helps in easy maintenance.
  2. The Light Weight Rock Drills can drill a hole of 3 meters. Composed of heat treated and durable steel, its compact and slim design is easy to handle.

Sinker Drills

They have been specially designed for the purpose of blast hole drilling. Its concept of cylinder porting and primary valve helps to keep the speed in check during construction.

Uses Of Sinker Drills

  • Its steel housings have been forged to withstand uneven and rough use.
  • Continuous lubricant is supplied by the intrinsic oiler.
  • The cushion piston helps to reduce shock.

Types Of Sinker Drills

  1. Having a side exhaust and flat black, Pneumatic Sinker Drills are easy to handle.
  2. Tipped with some chemical compound, Hinge Sinker Drills offer extra hardness.
  3. Hydraulic Sinker Drill helps to make underwater drilling easy.

Pusher Legs

Pusher Legs as an important mining tool is manufactured by the IMT. It is mainly used for the purpose of tunneling and drifting.

Uses Of Pusher Legs:

  • Its sturdy as well as simple design helps to drill without interruption.
  • Not only is it easy to handle but has a low maintenance cost.
  • Because of its light weight it can be easily carried from one place to another.

Types Of Pusher Legs

  1. MC55-PL
  2. MC 60PL
  3. MC 62PL


Drifters being an integral part of the Pneumatic Rock Drill, are mainly used for the purpose of drilling. Its operating cost can be minimized by regular inspection.

Uses Of Drifters

  • In the construction site they are mainly used for drilling grout hole.
  • They help in Surface Quarrying like bench drilling.
  • In the Metallurgy Industry they are used to drill tap hole in blast furnace.

BBC120F Drifter

This powerful drifter not only has a moderate weight but can be manually used. It is treated as a popular all-round machine and has become famous for being reliable as well as economical.

Why We Are The Leading Producer Of Mining Equipments In India?

  1. Having more than 45 years of experience, we have been able to craft ourselves as one of the best manufacturer of Mining Tools.
  2. To ensure that our customers can avail the best service, we provide servicing by professionals 24*7.
  3. Being an ISO certified company we take pride in delivering our mining products all over India.
  4. All the spares and accessories are replaced under the IMT brand name.
  5. Reasonable price

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