Best Pneumatic Jack Hammers Manufacturer in India

Having its origin in the year 2003, Minotec Industrial Co excels in designing and manufacturing various pneumatic tools with the motive of selling them to fulfill customer’s requirement in the mining, construction and civil engineering sector. Working under the brand names MICO and IMT, we are constantly upgrading by making the ideal combination of technology, innovation, managerial skills and experience. Industrial & Mining Tools Co, our group company was established in 1968, since then the focus has solely being on manufacturing various Pneumatic tools in the state-of-the-art facility.

Pneumatic Jack Hammers Manufacturer India

Our Pneumatic Jack Hammers

We take pride in being one of the leading Rock drills manufacture company. All the components of our Jack Hammer/Rock Drill machines are made of steel. Being skillfully made, they are designed for precision. Its light weight and powerful penetrating ability in the hardest of rocks makes its suitable for making horizontal holes during tunnel or mining construction. Though being powerful it is easy to handle.

Its Benefits and Usage

  • They are specially designed to work on the hardest materials composed of ore or nature-rock.
  • It is equally necessary both for road construction as well as for cutting mountains.
  • Being light-weight they can be easily carried and are easy to handle.
  • Making use of high torque and rotation, these tools have the power to crack or chip away large pieces of rock.

The Variety We Offer:

The two main varieties of Jack Hammers that have satisfied our customers for years are the Medium Weight Jack Hammer and the Light Weight Jack Hammer.

Features of our Medium Weight Jack Hammer

  • Their drilling capacity ranges from 27 to 40mm diameter holes and can drill a hole as deep as 6 meters.
  • These drills of ours come with a Muffler Option which can reduce noise.
  • Its adaptable air valve helps in swift and easy flushing.
  • To make maintaining it easy, the reliable design comes handy.
  • Specially designed for usage in confined places, it can tease blocks of rock with intense control.

Features of our Light Weight Jack Hammer

  • Generally used for small jobs like mending roads or drilling a narrow path, they can drill a hole of around 27 to 38 mm diameter.
  • Its compact and slim design is quite easy to handle.
  • It is made of heat treated steel to enhance its durability.
  • The piston and brush can be detached, thus making them easy to carry.

Why We are One Of The Leading Pneumatic Jack Hammers Manufacturer In India?

  1. Being the most essential tool in the world of mining, Pneumatic Jack Hammers has become one of our leading products.
  2. Having around 50 years of experience, we have been able to satisfy all our users as we believe in constant improvement.
  3. We are one of the ISO Certified Company.
  4. Not only are all our products warranted but we offer them at an affordable and cheaper rate than those available in the market.
  5. We have a record of selling all our branded products with no default.

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